The systematic and the step-wise procedure of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation is making the Florida rehab as one of the best rehabilitation center among worldwide centers. The victims with various drug addictions are treated over here. Their diagnosis method is very much popular, unique and effective. Let us have a look over Necessary steps taken by dual diagnosis centers for recovery of the patients:

Case history taking:

The very first but the very significant set in treating the drug addiction is the “taking of case history”. In case history, the psychologist, or the rehabilitator asks a number of questions in order to probe the real cause of addiction, what is its intensity, how long it is in person’s habit and what are the indicators. The case history form is divided in to various headings and sub headings in which the person is asked about:

Medical history about drug addiction: Under this arena the rehabilitator will ask about the medical history of the drugs he is taking. From how long he is taking, what were the outcomes and what are the signs and symptoms? After that the Dual diagnosis rehab will also ask about how the intensity and frequency of the addiction increased with passage of time. Let say! If the person was taking two cigarettes in start then how the number increased and how much he is taking recently.

The other categories to be field for the diagnosis will include the friendships history, family history, orientation. Perception, MSE and so on. The rehabilitator will ask all the questions in relevancy to drug addiction and its prevalence around in the friendship circle or in the family.

Application of various probing tests:

For sake of revelation, the rehabilitator applies various sort of tests in order to get to know the real cause of drug addiction.

Dual diagnosis:

The one perspective of Dual diagnosis rehab is the “diagnosis of the etiology” and the other can be the “physiological cause diagnosis”. In physiological diagnosis, it is to reveal about how the drug addict person feels the need of drugs, what are the physiological effects he is getting after taking it.see latest news at this link.


The other perspective of diagnosis is MSE i.e. mental state examination. Under this diagnosis, the rehabilitator will ask about the perception of time, place and about orientation, the physical states and the visual and auditory hallucinations as well. Then the rehabilitators will give the treatment in accord of the intensity and frequency of the problem. The treatment will vary in accord of the diagnosis.

Treatment plan:


The treatment plan will include all the causes of the victim to get indulge in addiction, about treatment approaches, about the psychotherapeutic treatment, the medicines and diagnosis on axial system.

So, this is how the rehabilitation centers in Florida do the dual diagnosis in stepwise way. Case history taking is one of the best way of probing the personal and to get multi-dimensional diagnosis. MSE, physiological diagnosis and case history will be involved in the Dual diagnosis rehab.